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Money back Guarantee
What Does Our 'Money Back Guarantee' Really Mean?

With our 7-day free trial, you’re receiving all of our in-house services for FREE. Graphic design, content creation, campaign deployment, technical setup…. all free. The ONLY thing we ask that you cover is the cost of publishing. Read more about the cost of publishing in the FAQ.

The cost of publishing is the amount that your business will spend directly on the ad publishing platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc…). Essentially, this money goes directly from your business to the ad platform’s pocket, and NOT into our own. This money is spent directly for the purpose of displaying ads across these platforms.

This cost is entirely up to you. We recommend spending at least $200-300. This will allow us to spend enough per day to immediately start generating leads and run profitable campaigns. Does this mean you’ll have to spend $200-300 every week? Absolutely not. We just recommend allocating at least $200 in the beginning so you can see the value and  start getting quantifiable results immediately. Moving forward, you could choose to spend anywhere from $500-$5,000/month, depending on your budget.

Not having a website isn’t ideal, but we make it work. With in-platform lead generation campaigns, we can generate new leads without having them go to a landing page/website. And if you want a high-converting website built quickly, we offer that to clients at discounted rates. Just contact us if you want a site overnight

After the trial period, we will generate a custom quote for your business, or you can select from a pre-determined package. All packages consist of monthly retainers, which cover the management and creation of campaigns throughout the entirety of the month.


Get Started, for Free.

We’ll start you off with a 7-day free trial period. We only ask that you cover the cost of advertising. 

What does this mean?

7-Day Trial Period

Just Cover Ads

Get Results Quick

Automated Campaign creation.

Sit back. Sleep tight. We generate leads overnight by automating your digital campaigns.

High-converting custom content

We develop custom ad creatives that perform at unparalleled conversion rates. Essentially, you get an in-house design & production studio, without paying for one. Sounds nice, right? Start your free trial and experience it today.

Low-cost, pre-qualified Leads.

Our campaigns are designed to target the optimal customer. We serve you REAL people with REAL interest in your business.

"What really turned me over was their ability to simplify concepts. I now understand what my business was lacking prior to working with OverNight Leads!"
Jane Ferrier
Mortage Loan Officer

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